There are three ways to have dentures made:

  • A new denture can be made to replace an old denture or to replace previously extracted teeth where no denture is constructed.
  • An ‘immediate denture’ can be made while you still have some of your teeth, and inserted on the day your teeth are taken out. Changes to the bone may cause the denture to become loose and mean that, within a year, the dentures may need to be relined to improve the fit.
  • A denture can also be made two to three months after your teeth are removed. This allows time for the bone to change and heal, and means that the denture should be a better fit from the start.

The option chosen depends on the number of teeth missing, personal preference and possibly medical issues which can be explained by the dental team. Either way, our team will be able to advise you in the best way forward to get the greatest and most natural smile in your situation. We’ll also give you advice on cleaning your denture, and caring for both the denture and the mouth that it goes in.