Denture Relines

The rapid shrinkage of bone after having an extraction, means the denture will soon need to have the fitting surface relined once that shrinkage has slowed down enough. This relining maybe done between three and six months after an immediate denture has been fitted.

All dentures lose their fit through natural changes in your mouth. Chewing gum, biting your nails or grinding your teeth can accelerate this. You should see your dentist yearly for a denture check, where Jason can determine when refitting or relining is necessary.

Relining a denture is beneficial in many ways. Having a reline gives a better fit which means fewer sore spots and less irritation. A reline replaces the majority of acrylic (the pink part of your denture) with new unstressed acrylic. This is especially important if you have had fractures and repairs in your dentures as this will make it far stronger.

It Is important to remember that your dentures won’t last forever.  As you get older your dentures will start to lose their fit and comfort. Dentures shouldn’t hurt, slip, click, or whistle and should be comfortable all the time.  If you are experiencing some issues then it’s probably time to come and see us and get your dentures checked.